Wilber Lane Law Firm

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"Our mission is to achieve epic success, while providing legendary service to our valued clients"​​​​


Our unique law firm has been in business since 1964, and has grown to be a leader in the subrogation industry throughout the nation (and Canada). Our clients are from both Commercial and Personal lines, and serve in the Insurance, Utility, Communications, Transportation and Self-Insured industries.​

Our firm provides small and medium balanced recovery services in the style and low cost of a collection agency, with the abilities, impact and results of a law firm. Most services are based on a low contingency fee. We don't get paid, unless our client does.​

Our well trained staff approaches each file with the attitude that it is 100% recoverable- with the majority of our recoveries made prior to litigation. Our staff is trained for productivity, thoroughness and compliance with legal and ethical standards.​
We provide customized services to each of our clients as an extension of their recovery efforts. Our clients are our top priority, along with obtaining exceptional recovery results for them. Maximizing recovery, while providing exceptional customer service has always been, and will remain our number one focus.


                    -Don Wilber Esq.​

Best Recovery     Practices

Best Recovery Practices

Best Recovery Practices

The Wilber Lane Law Firm has a definite advantage over any competitor because we are a one stop shop for subrogation needs. We have the ability to pursue multiple avenues to resolve claims before referring for litigation. Collection agencies cannot take an adverse party to court, therefore valuable time is lost when reluctant agencies delay the forwarding of claims to attorneys when the proper enforcement is needed.

Contact with a law firm has a greater impact on even the most last-minute, habitual adverse party. Attorney involvement can be difficult to ignore, and can mean serious consequences that most adverse parties wish to avoid.

Types of enforcement that other agencies may not have access to will include: suspension of driving privileges, garnishment of wages, liens, skip tracing and asset checks, arbitration, restitution and litigation services. Wilber Lane Law Firm offers all of these services and can tailor our recovery style to meet the needs of our valued clients.


How We Do Business:

The Wilber Lane Law Firm offers a personal approach to all aspects of the way we do business. Services rendered to our valued clients will include:


• Prompt input and acknowledgement of files.


• Locate and input all missing data.


• 24/7 access to their files online through our Client Access Website.


• Personal contact with all adverse parties as soon as legally possible.


• Determine the ability to pay before accepting a settlement offer.


• Timely forwarding of unresolved cases to litigation review. (with client permission, and when financially responsible to do so).


• Monitor and report on the litigation process.


• Promptly provide customer reports upon request.


• Punctually receive and forward payments.



Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The Wilber Lane Law Firm has been very successful in our recovery efforts in the below categories. Because WLLF has the ability to subrogate general recoveries, we also have the ability to be versatile and pick up new areas of practice. Should we be asked to attempt recoveries in new areas, we will grow to fit the needs of our clients.


Uninsured Motorist




Carrier to Carrier


Arbitration through ARB Forums




Property up to 100k


Second Placements


Overpayments/Deductible Recoveries


Workers Compensation


Skip Tracing/Asset Checks